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Water Damage

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Water Damage

   Water Damage Restoration

You can’t really be confident that everything will work right all the time. Water pipes can burst, Water heaters break, Drains and plumbing clogs and storms can flood your basement. Whatever the case is, EnviroCare has the experience and recourses to take care of your water damage problem fast and efficiently. We deal with the insurance companies so we save you the money and stress involved. Your life is just a call away from getting back on track.

On Demand 24/7 365 Days a year, Responding Within The Hour!

At EnviroCare we know when a disaster occurs, every minute is critical to the integrity of your home or business. We provide around the clock 24/7 water damage emergency response and guaranty arrival to the site within an hour or less! The sooner we start extracting the water, the less water damage to the affected area, which means less costly repairs. 
Our goal is to keep your property safe, Dry and mold free. Every job is backed with our        100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Services offered by EnviroCare:

  • 24 hours emergency response service
  • Residential & Commercial Water Damage extraction
  • Dehumidifying & Drying
  • Emergency Plumbing Service
  • Burst Pipe Repair & Leakage Detection
  • InfraRed Thermal Imaging Inspection
  •  Mold Testing & prevention
  • Deodorizing, Mold, Mildew and Odor Control
  • Restoration & Remodeling Service
  • Waste Removal
  • Direct Insurance Billing

Once on site, our expert technicians will use the best available tools to extract water from carpets, walls, floors or the air with our state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and extractor machines.

We use the best technology to assess your water damage like the InfreRed Thermal Imaging equipment that can detect moisture and structural damage inside walls without having to remove any drywall. A Non-Invasive technique that will reduce the stress of restoration. 

   The right equipment will make the difference 

Water damage could be the beginning of a much larger problem, mold. Its crucial to mitigate the water as soon as possible, to prevent the possibility of mold growth. In most cases, water damage appears  obvious but more damage could be lurking in hidden cavities or unreachable areas. A true professional utilizes the latest technology in restoration, like the thermal imaging camera, to spot water damage in areas normally inaccessible. Another way to prevent mold is a dehumidification process. Most professionals use a regular dehumidifies but at EnviroCare, we use LGR dehumidifiers that collect nearly twice as much moisture from the air and will reduce the chance of mold by the same factor.

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We build our homes to keep water out but sometimes water gains the upper hand. In cases like that EnviroCare can restore your home to be a safe dry environment.


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IICRC Certified Firm

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Why Choose EnviroCare?

We will inspect your entire property for water damage or mold, taking moisture readings & humidity levels.

Our technicians are trained to follow the strict EPA & IICRC guidelines for water damage & mold remediation

It all comes down to experience! At EnviroCare we've been restoring homes successfully for decades.

We care about your environment, that's why we use environmentally safe chemicals for mold remediation.