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Mold Testing

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Mold Testing

   Indoor Air Quality Test


Since it is impossible to see every area where mold may be present, testing will help determine what steps will be needed to resolve your mold problem. Testing will provide evidence of mold levels in your environment, The source of the problem and most importantly the type of mold present like Black Mold or commonly found species.  

FREE visual mold inspection in every project assessment.

As a full service company, at EnviroCare we believe a FREE visual inspection is necessary for getting to know your property and giving you the chance to ask our certified technician questions you may have about your property. Answering Questions or concerns about a black stain on the wall or an unpleasant odor in the basement could lead to a mold problem that is affecting your family’s health.

Please Do not hesitate to call or send us an inquiry to talk to one of our very knowledgeable Microbial Removal Experts for any questions or concerns.

How does mold inflict damage?

Mold spores are easily transported in the air we breathe and can be absorbed into our body without our awareness. When mold is toxic, mold removal becomes an urgent matter. Mold produces poisonous substances which may affect the entire human body. These contaminants can be ingested through food, inhaled through air or absorbed by contact with the epidermis. The results are critical and require immediate attention.

When Should You Do A Mold Test ?

  • After a flood or water damage
  • Musty odors indoors
  • Visible Mold
  • Allergies start for no reason
  •  Flu like symptoms
  • After A house was Vacant
  • Moldy basements

Our Certified Mold Inspector will arrive at your property and will perform a visual assessment of your problem. Air or surface samples are taken and sent to an independent lab to identify, count and categorize the mold spores in the samples.

We Make mold testing affordable so its easier to protect your home and family by determining if Toxic Mold is present in the environment then taking the necessary steps to prevent the health effects of such a contaminate. 

EnviroCare provides a 100% guarantee to pass mold clearance tests for any mold job.

Clearance tests done only thru a third party laboratory to ensure objectivity !

You don't pay us unless Mold has been completely remediated  !


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Why Choose EnviroCare?

We will inspect your entire property for water damage or mold, taking moisture readings & humidity levels.

Our technicians are trained to follow the strict EPA & IICRC guidelines for water damage & mold remediation

It all comes down to experience! At EnviroCare we've been restoring homes successfully for decades.

We care about your environment, that's why we use environmentally safe chemicals for mold remediation.