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Storm Damage Restoration

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Flood Damage Restoration

Whether it's caused by natural disaster or a burst pipe, water damage & mold have to be addressed promptly. EnviroCare is there to respond to your needs 24/7 with our trained qualified technicians to clean and restore your property to a safe and comfortable environment.

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How To Handle Storm Damage 

Homeowners are under a lot of stress when their home has been hit by storm damage. No one can unticipate this kind of situation, that's why we're here to help. Here are some helpful tips:

Get to a safe place: You and your family are the first priority. If your home is no longer a safe place due to water damage or structural damage, go to a safe place outside or a diferent section of the home where its dry and free of storm damage.

Go To A High Ground: In cases where there are massive floods, go to high places off the ground. This will protect you from flash floods that could knock a grown man off their feet.

Shut Power Off: When the structure has suffered massive water damage, rapidly disconnect power to the home. If possible, be ready with flash lights or other means of elumination until help arrives. 

Call Your Insurance: When the storm has passed and your family is in a safe place, call your homeowners insurance company and submitt a claim. Chances are that other homes in your area suffered storm damage as well and will be calling the same insurance to submit a claim. In cases like that, insurance companies operate in a First Call - First Serve bases, so the sooner you call, the quicker they will send an adjuster to inspect your home.

Call a Professional Storm Damage Restoration Company: After contacting the insurance company and a claim has been made, its time to call a professional water damage restoration company that will mitigate the storm damage and restore your home to a better then new condition. Make sure the company you choose is a licensed contractor and can preform the restoration properly. 



The EnviroCare Difference

As a full service company our experienced certified technicians can serve your needs from beginning to end. The same technician will guide you through from diagnosing your problem to restoring your property to better-than-previous condition. We will take care of your insurance claim for you,  Whether it's a flood, mold problem or storm damage you can rely on EnviroCare as your BEST service provider.

Our Services Include:

Flood Damage Restoration

When disaster strikes, you will need more then one service provider to restore your property. EnviroCare groups most of what you need under one safe roof.

From Heavy Duty Demolition to Indoor Restoration, we do it all!

You have a lot on your mind, let us take care of everything. We will contact your insurance provider and make sure they have everything they need to pick up the bill. Direct insurance billing is available.




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IICRC Certified Firm

Why Choose EnviroCare?

We will inspect your entire property for water damage or mold, taking moisture readings & humidity levels.

Our technicians are trained to follow the strict EPA & IICRC guidelines for water damage & mold remediation

It all comes down to experience! At EnviroCare we've been restoring homes successfully for decades.

We care about your environment, that's why we use environmentally safe chemicals for mold remediation.