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Air Duct Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning

EnviroCare Air Duct Cleaning        

Since our humble beginning over 15 years ago EnviroCare started as an Air Duct cleaning business and slowly evolved into one of the leading restoration companies in the DC metropolitan area. We specialize in air duct cleaning and indoor air quality, utilizing state-of-the art equipment to rid your air of pollutants and allergens.

According to the EPA The air indoors is up to 10 times more pollutant from outside!!!

Day after day people go to bed thinking the air indoors is safe and at the same time suffer from allergies, headaches, nasal inflammations and flu like symptoms with no apparent reason. You are Unknowingly breathing in allergens like dust, mold spores, bacteria, dust mite feces or pet dander every time your Heating or cooling system is turned on. Cleaning your air system will reduce these hazards by more than 95%! 

Choosing the right Air Duct Cleaner is vital, NOT all air duct cleaners are the same! If not done correctly the cleaning process can release dust and allergens in to your atmosphere more than before, having the opposite desired outcome. We stand behind our work and back it with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Our Air Duct Services:

  • Air Duct Cleaning                                                    
  • Furnace Cleaning
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Blower Cleaning                                           
  • Air System Sanitation
  • Mold Testing & Mold Remediation
  • Duct Efficiency Inspection
  • UV Light Installation
  • Camera Inspection                                                                                

Our Award winning Cleaning Process:

Every cleaning process begins with an evaluation of the air system and a thorough explanation of our services. We start with applying negative pressure to the air system followed by agitating the inside of all vents & returns with various rotating brushes or high pressure air bursts all the way to the main unit or main lines. If necessary, we cut a hole in the main lines to gain access and thoroughly clean them. We clean the furnace including the blower and internal plenum. Once the entire system is clean we deodorize it with an All Natural Deodorizer.  If needed we offer a system sanitizer to control microbial growth or a variety of treatments to achieve the best air quality.    

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Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

For a long time many people didn't think they needed their air ducts cleaned. Now we know that routine air duct cleaning is one of the major factors that determine the indoor air quality

Through the years, dust is building up in the air duct system, accumulating on the interior housing of the ducts. What is Dust? Well, dust is composed of over 85% dead skin cells and dust mite feces! Or in other words, organic material, along with humidity and leveled temperature, this makes the HVAC system the perfect habitat for microorganisms like Mold, Bacteria and Dust Mites with plenty of food in a closed environment. Cleaning the air ducts every year is basically removing the food source for mold and other allergens, preventing an infestation. Air duct cleaning has other benifits as well:

  • Better Air Flow
  • Reduce Utility Bills
  • Reduce Allergies
  • Extend The Life of AC Unit
  • Better Air Quality
  • Remove Toxic Meterials
  • Less Dust Indoors

Contact Us today to get your air ducts cleaned and have your indoor air purified by one of our expert technicians.

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Why Choose EnviroCare?

We will inspect your entire property for water damage or mold, taking moisture readings & humidity levels.

Our technicians are trained to follow the strict EPA & IICRC guidelines for water damage & mold remediation

It all comes down to experience! At EnviroCare we've been restoring homes successfully for decades.

We care about your environment, that's why we use environmentally safe chemicals for mold remediation.